Here at the Rapallo Fitness Center we feature the latest in cardiovascular and strength training equipment. We also showcase the Fitness Director as the in house Personal Trainer for Rapallo residents. Additionally, there are numerous group fitness classes every week highlighting multiple instructors and disciplines. You will find well known classes such as Zumba, Power Hour, Aqua Fit, Tai Chi, 1st Step, Kickstart and many more!

Fitness Tip of the Month:
"trust the process, don't rush the process": It's the start of a new year, and with that comes many new diets and exercise programs. you may rush to the gym, but don't rush your progress. going for too much too fast can lead to over-training and injury. keep difficulty at a 6-7/10 for the first few weeks to let your body adapt to the new program and increase exercise volume and intensity from there.

                                Aqua Fit                                                       3 Day Challenge 

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